ChêNe-Bougeries Football Club

Our soccer club is astonishing so you better be alert.



But many people do not know what they did to be where they are now.

ChêNe-Bougeries has sacrificed a lot to get here, but they kept a straight mind and did what is right.

There are certainly other clubs in Switzerland. One of those are Chiasso or even ChâTel-Saint-Denis that are still out there.


 ChêNe-Bougeries had the future in minds, so they built it slowly to make sure they have long term success

You are in ChêNe-Bougeries, GE, where you can visit Natural History Museum Of Geneva, 4 Floors Of Animal & Mineral Displays, Parc De La Grange, Scenic Lakeside Park With A Rose Garden, Russian Orthodox Church, Historic Site With Gilded Onion Domes, Bodmer Library, Library Of Rare Manuscripts & Books.


Geneva, GE


Also, check out ChâTel-Saint-Denis and Chiasso.

ChêNe-Bougeries Football Club

Our football club is astonishing so you better be alert.