Emmen Football Club

Our football club is awesome so you better keep an eye out.



But many people do not know what they did to be where they are now.

A lot of things have been sacrificed to get here by Emmen, but it has paid of in the end.

There are certainly other clubs in Switzerland. One of those are Erlach or even Elgg that are still out there.


 Emmen had the future in minds, so they built it slowly to make sure they have long term success

You are in Emmen, LU, where you can visit Wildlands, Various Animals & Walk-Through Habitats, Dierenpark Emmen, Zoo And Polar Bear, Plopsa Indoor Coevorden, Colorful Amusement Park For Young Kids, Broken Circle / Spiral Hill, Art Museum.


Luzern, LU


Also, check out Elgg and Erlach.

Emmen Football Club

Our football club is fearsome so you better be alert.