Neunkirch Football Club

Our soccer club is inspiring so you better watch out.



But many people do not know what they did to be where they are now.

Neunkirch has sacrificed a lot to get here, but they kept a straight mind and did what is right.

There are other clubs in Switzerland such as Nidau and Neuhausen Am Rheinfall that achieved success by skipping and forgetting the fundamentals in building a modern day super club that will only see them eventually folding just.


 Neunkirch had the future in minds, so they built it slowly to make sure they have long term success

You are in Neunkirch, SH, where you can visit Verein Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen, Scenic Point, Aagne Gysel Saxer, Winery, Bergkirche St. Moritz, Church, Local Museum Hallau, Museum.


Schaffhausen, SH


Also, check out Neuhausen Am Rheinfall and Nidau.

Neunkirch Football Club

Our football club is fearsome so you better watch out.